Tuesday 28 April 2015

Skype for Business : Video Interop Server (VIS)

Video Interop Server (VIS)

VIS is a standalone server role implemented in on-premises deployment and provides interoperability with Cisco/Tandberg Video TeleConferencing endpoints (VTC) in this release. (Potentially, other systems will be included in future releases). VIS acts as B2BUA between SfB deployment and Video Gateway (CUCM).                                                                                                                              image



Interoperation is tested and supported with

  1. Video Gateway: CUCM version 10.5 using trunks set up over TCP.
  2.  VTCs: Cisco C40, Cisco C60, Cisco C90, Cisco MX200, Cisco MX300, Cisco EX60, Cisco EX90, Cisco SX20 running version TC7.0.0 or above
  3. Other Cisco VTC models running TC7.0.0 or above may be validated after RTM

What is supported?

  1. VTC dialing to any SfB or Lync 2013 client in Peer-to-Peer session with audio and video modality
  2.  VTC joining conference hosted on on-premises SfB FE pool via Conference Auto Attendant (CAA)
  3. 1:N video SIP trunk
  •  A particular video gateway can have a single trunk to one and only one VIS pool
  •  A particular VIS pool can interact with multiple video gateways

What isn’t supported?

  1.  SfB or Lync client dialing to VTC
  2.  Drag-and-drop of VTC endpoint to conference
  3.  Application sharing between VTC and SfB Client
  4. TIP (Telepresence Interoperability Protocol)
  5.  VTC joining conference hosted on Cloud (O365) SfB online
  6.  Presence status for VTC endpoints
  7. Transcoding of video stream from Cisco VTCs to RTV ( Lync 2010 client can’t see or send video to VTC)

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