Thursday 21 March 2013

Databases in Lync2010


Central Management Store ( CMS) 

         Xds ( Maintains the Lync configuration as published by Topology Builder )

         There is only one master copy of CMS database which is automatically installed on the first instance of a Standard or Enterprise Edition Lync pool. For Enterprise Edition pools this first instance will reside on the SQL back-end database for the pool

Pool Configuration Store

         Rtc (stores persistent user data such as user contact lists, scheduled conferences, and access control lists)

         Rtcdyn (stores dynamic Lync user data such as presence information.)

         Rtcab & Rtcab1 (stores the raw Lync address book information (i.e. that is pulled from AD))

Application Store

         Cpsdyn (stores dynamic system information for the Call Park application )

         Rgsdyn (stores dynamic runtime operational information for the Response Group application)

         Rgsconfig (stores persistent configuration data for the Response Group application )

Archiving and Monitoring Store

         LcsLog (stores Instant Messaging and Conferencing data for archiving purposes)

         LcsCdr (stores the Call Details Records (used by the Monitoring Role))

         QoEMetrics (stores the Quality of Experience data (used by the Monitoring Role) )

Location Store

         Lis (hold a network ‘wiremap’ that maps network elements (e.g. subnet, WAP’s, routers) to real civic addresses )